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Certified Family

North Portland

Infants (6 Weeks to 24 Months)

Two students painting a picture together.

Certified Center

Northeast Portland

Toddler - School Age (25 Months to 12 Years)

The House 

Certified Family Care 

A teacher in the infant classroom showing students how to use a puppet.

Infants and Toddlers
6 Weeks to 24 Months

Our Certified Family location has one classroom, Caterpillar, that offers an environment that is safe and comfortable. Allowing your child to build age appropriate skills in a home environment. Our curriculum is centered around developing social, emotional, and cognitive skills. We often go on daily walks through the neighborhood and visit the local park. We have three teachers on site that are dedicated to inspiring curiosity, providing engaging activities, and nurturing young minds. 

The Center

Certified Child Care 

The center front entrance.

Toddler - School agers
25 Months to 12 Years

Our Certified Center follows our philosophy of offering a natural home setting — just in a bigger space. Our programs were created with our student's needs in mind: to grow and develop in a safe, loving, and engaging environment. 


We have four classrooms at this site Squirrel (2s), Butterfly (3s), Dragonfly (4/5s), and Bee (School agers)

Students will learn practical skills such as how to interact with others, problem solving, and communication. Our curriculum focuses on language, arts & crafts, literacy, and is full of many enrichment opportunities.

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